LASIK Financing Offer: Get LASIK now, pay over-time and enjoy the freedoms that come from tossing away your glasses and contact lenses!

Special Financing Options for LASIK Available

Special Financing Options for LASIK Available

Dr. Wasserman & Dr. Shah believe that everyone who wants to enjoy a lens-free lifestyle should be able to have LASIK. They have therefore made arrangements with Wells Fargo to offer their patients special LASIK financing options to make it more convenient.

No money down, get LASIK today and pay over-time.

If approved, you will receive a Wells Fargo credit card in the mail.

Apply below by clicking on the Wells Fargo image:

LASIK financing available through Wells Fargo Health Advantage

More Ways to Make LASIK more Affordable

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

You can enroll in a Flexible Spending Account through your employer to save tax money on LASIK and other qualified medical expenses. Decrease your taxable income and increase your spendable income with an employer sponsored FSA.
Read more about how you can save on your taxes and have LASIK surgery too with a Flexible Spending Account.

Health Savings Accounts

Another way to save tax dollars and have LASIK is through a Health Savings Account. If your employer offers a high deductible insurance plan you can take advantage of this special plan. Tax free dollars can be added to an HSA each year with no time limit on its use. There is a maximum amount you can deposit each year, but no limit to how much you can use or when- as long as it pays for eligible medical expenses. Combine this with your FSA to maximize your savings when scheduling your LASIK.

Insurance and Third Party Vision Plans

Many insurance and vision plans offer special benefits and discounts for LASIK surgery. In order to take advantage of these benefits you must choose a provider who has been deemed a preferred provider, like Dr. Wasserman & Dr. Shah. The benefits vary so check with your HR director, and our staff can help you determine which plan will save you the most money.

Labor Unions

Labor Unions

Dr. Wasserman & Dr. Shah are preferred providers for many local labor unions in NJ. Some of these groups offer significant benefits for their members as well as their families. Ask Lisa Rago, our LASIK coordinator, for assistance in determining your benefits and how to process the claims.

You can significantly reduce your out of pocket costs AND save money on your taxes. Just ask us how. We are always here to help.