Eye care for children is a specialty here at our office. Along with his skills as a LASIK surgeon, Dr. Wasserman is a Fellowship trained, Board Certified Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Having children of his own, he understands the concerns of parents. He will always take the time to answer all questions and be sure parents are thoroughly informed and comfortable.

Dr. Wasserman explains Pediatric Eye Care and why it is important for your child:

Dr. Wasserman has an extensive background in pediatric eye surgery and the surgical correction of eye muscle disorders in adults and children. Children with other medical problems or developmental delay may have associated eye disorders. His fellowship at Riley's Children's Hospital at Indiana University Medical Center specifically trained him in eye care for children and their special needs. Currently Dr. Wasserman is a clinical instructor at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, assistant clinical professor at UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and he regularly examines and treats newborns in the neonatal intensive care units at both Cooper and St. Peter's University Hospital.

Children are not always able to say what is bothering them or answer medical questions. Dr. Wasserman is adept at treating children in a way that helps them to be relaxed and enjoy their visit.

On pediatric days the normally adult waiting room is transformed to include toys and reading materials specifically for children to make the experience more pleasant for his youngest patients.